jerry rose


Jerry Rose Floral & Event Design is a high end retail floral design company with a local luxury following based in New Jersey and New York.

The company had an underutilized social audience that was primed to be engaged. We were working with a client who had a Facebook page that was clearly under-branded and not optimized to elicit any real consumer connection.

Build a presence by boosting Facebook engagement; keep fans interested and use this platform to bridge the gap between a retail business and consumers, enrolling an audience with shareable content, creating a better understanding of the brand.

Facebook, as opposed to other websites, was the natural partner to initiate visibility and begin an outreach reflecting this brand. It was easier for the company’s audience to be engaged on Facebook and we knew it would jumpstart the results we wanted.

We began by evaluating the company’s existing content which was initially repurposed while new messaging was created with custom content that related to the core customer. We employed a series of relevant posts as well as event and custom seasonal photos along with videos which were added more frequently showcasing the creativity of the client’s work.



We started with ten posts a month and the response from the posts and seasonal photos clearly indicated there was an interested audience eager to connect. As the number of respondents grew we used the Facebook page to preview new arrivals in the store and new work created at events. We devoted an average of three hours a week, with two to three posts each week over a period of two years, always with the goal of creating engagement


Facebook enabled us to advertise for Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day and promote special offers such as seasonal plantings. We utilized clickable links on Facebook to create social ownership and help expand our reach to people who are looking at posts on our topic, as well as helping people interested in niche topics find one another.

We created e-blasts for our client’s platinum list. We developed an Email List Management plan to ensure we had a framework for collecting, managing and supporting new opt-ins. Our goal was to build, optimize and oversee the client’s list so that it met industry best practices as well as our client’s objectives. Upon analyzing the audience, it was evident that brides would be looking for their ideas
on Pinterest.

We then added new work using Pinterest, featuring beauty shots of floral events that would be sought after by Pinterest users. The next natural evolution of our social media marketing plan was Instagram, incorporating photos and videos. We opted not to utilize Twitter because our audience was not particularly engaged in it.  

Through targeted Facebook advertising, we were able to increase sales for specific holiday promotions by an average of 20% over the previous year. The average Facebook post reached gains of over 500% week over week. The company’s email list has grown by 300%. They have also lined up several editorial prospects with national press for upcoming events.

Since beginning our program, Jerry Rose Floral & Event Design has gained a better understanding of its audience by becoming a social company.